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 * Authors: Michel Eyckmans (MCE) & Stefan De Troch (SDT)
 * Content: This file is part of version 2.x of xautolock. It declares
 *          the program's core functions.
 *          Please send bug reports etc. to eyckmans@imec.be.
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Copyright 1990,1992-1999,2001-2002 by Stefan De Troch and Michel Eyckmans.
 * Versions 2.0 and above of xautolock are available under version 2 of the
 * GNU GPL. Earlier versions are available under other conditions. For more
 * information, see the License file.

#ifndef __engine_h
#define __engine_h

#include "config.h"

extern void queryPointer (Display* d);
extern void queryIdleTime (Display* d, Bool useXidle);
extern void evaluateTriggers (Display* d);

#endif /* engine_h */

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